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The History of Our Bell


We want to offer as much information on our bell and are constantly working on finding more information.  Here are some additional resources.  If you have additional information you would like to share please contact us.

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The First Congregational Church of Chicopee, Massachusetts, was the first settled church in what would eventually grow into the booming industrial, farming, and mill city of Chicopee. Built in 1752......More

Bell Publications and Articles

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"Ring Out in Honor of Brave Paul Revere"
by Karen Allen 1997

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"The BELLS of PAUL REVERE, his sons & Grandsons by Edward and Evelyn Stickney 1976

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"Revere Reverberations"

by Edward and Evelyn Stickney 1998

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"Revere Bells"


Edward and Evelyn Stickney 1956

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"The Bell's Own Story"

By Edward Abbot 1901

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