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Prayer Request

Thank you for your Prayer Request!

May we suggest?

Haven't you ever wondered, "Why are some of my prayers answered while some are not? How do I get God's attention? How do I get the divine 'Yes'?" Even the most faithful believers are discouraged by dry seasons, when it seems as though God doesn't really care about them or their needs.
  1. I wish I could believe--God, show me that you exist!
  2. Why should I get involved?--God, make me an instrument!

  3. What’s in it for me?--God, outdo me in generosity!

  4. I can’t take it anymore!--God, get me through this suffering!

  5. Am I a terrible person?--God, forgive me!

  6. This stress is killing me!--God, give me peace!

  7. Okay I admit it: I’m afraid--God, give courage!

  8. Sometimes being smart just isn’t enough--God, give me wisdom!

  9. Will I ever be happy again?--God, bring me out of this bad situation!

  10. Why am I here anyway?--God, lead me to my destiny!

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