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February 18, 2023

February 18th 2023
9:00-10:00 a.m.
1.    Call to Order
2.    6th Hour in the chapel
3.    Knight Armour (formation): Here are three formation areas which will help us in everything we do as men, fathers, brothers and spouses. We go back to the three promises that our mission statement produced and we will spend 3-4 months for each these areas. These are Appropriating and sharing our faith,
4.    Appropriating and sharing our faith:
a.    A prayer for a local Church: Archbishop Hebda of Minneapolis/St. Paul (copy and paste in browser):
b.    How do we prepare ourselves to appropriate our faith and share it? (copy and paste in browser)  “I once heard of two farmers….”
5.    Discernment of Spirits: (copy and paste in browser) Bishop Barron:;  Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan Waterford: 
6.    Prayer: The Examen (copy and paste in browser)  : ;  
7.    Summary, Prayer Intentions, Upcoming Events
8.    Closing Prayer

February 18th 2023
8:00-9:00 a.m.
1.    Call to Order
2.    Daytime prayer (breviary) SEE BELOW
3.    Knight Armour (formation): A Formation Plan has been established
Last month we looked at three areas to continue learning about in our officer meetings: a) appropriating and sharing our faith, b) discerning spirits in our lives, c) using forms of prayer.
Beginning at this month’s officer meeting we will dedicate four consecutive monthly meetings to address c) appropriating and sharing our faith. In June thru September we will address discernment in our monthly meetings, and in October thru January 2024 we will address forms of prayer emphasizing Liturgy.
Open your devices up to this webpage: Men will self-sort into a small group and then pick a topic from the webpage and prepare to discuss: a) how does the need for apologetics appear in your life today? b) how do you find this website helpful? c) How would  you respond to a question about your topic from a co-worker, fellow parishioner, family member?

Now listen to a recent quote of Pope Francis. And in your small group discuss it and defend the Pope’s position.


Pope Francis has written a letter to clarify his comments on sin and homosexuality from a recent interview with the Associated Press.
“When I said it is a sin, I was simply referring to Catholic moral teaching, which says that every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin,” the Pope wrote to Jesuit Father James Martin, in response to a request for clarification.
Francis said he was trying to say in the interview that criminalization of homosexuality “is neither good nor just.”
“As you can see, I was repeating something in general,” he wrote. “I should have said ‘It is a sin, as is any sexual act outside of marriage.’ This is to speak of ‘the matter’ of sin, but we know well that Catholic morality not only takes into consideration the matter, but also evaluates freedom and intention; and this, for every kind of sin.”


One person summarizes and shares their group’s thoughts from their notes to address the above.
4.    Summary, Prayer Intentions, Upcoming Events
5.    Closing Prayer






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