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The Shrine's Parsonage

The Eparchy of Phoenix assigns priests, deacons, and sub-deacons to serve the shrine. These men provide a great service to the great number of pilgrims and inquirers coming up to the mountain year round. It has a fully equipped parsonage that accommodates married and/or celibate clergy. 

The Bishop of the Eparchy, or his designee, assigns up to 2 clergy members of the Eparchy to the parsonage and the shrine on the basis of training, retirement, and exposure to the opportunities the shrine presents that will further the clergymen's ability to serve within the Catholic Church.

The parsonage is provided in the same manner in which housing is provided to all clergy assigned to outreaches, missions, and parishes within the Eparchy. Currently the Shrine is canonically designated as a mission. It will soon have a full time priest that will live at the parsonage and serve the Shrine. When this occurs, the Shrine and its parsonage will be deemed a parish.

The Parsonage is a cabin connected to the Shrine and provides a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms, general gathering area, second story balcony, 2 full bathrooms, a  fully equipped staff office, a study room, a library, a music area, a 2 car-garage, 2 outside porches with BBQ and seating, and an adjacent shed.

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