The Shrine's Logo

Mary, Undoer of knots, untier of knots, memorial, shrine, knots, Mount Lemmon, Mt Lemmon, chapel, St. Melany, Saint Melany Byzantine Catholic church, church, byzantine, catholic, Ruthenian, Tucson, Arizona, eastern, orthodox, Fr Peter Pearson, Iconographer, Charles Albanese, Chauncey Meyer, Architect, Iconography, Fr. Robert Ranking, Eparchy of Phoenix, Eparchy, Diocese of Tucson, Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Jeff Landers, JL Images, Kinghorn, Starace, Rose, Rose Academy, Andrew Gould, New World Byzantine, Orthodox Arts, Jack Figel, nwbstudios, Scottsdale, Scottsdale Renewal Center, Debra Neffler, Rose Management Group

The logo was produced by Filmmaker, Photographer and Digital Designer Jeff Landers in mid 2018.  The design represents the knots that Mary undoes in your lives.