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Meet the Artists

These artists are the best in their field, Masters of their Craft.  Scroll below to meet some of the artists who's work inspire and uplift spirits!

Chuck Albanese 

The Artist

Chuck Albanese  joined the faculty of the University of Arizona College of Architecture in 1967.  After 40 years of the UofA as well as in practice completing over 250 projects has given Chuck a sense of accomplishment that frees him to pursue what he have always set aside as a passion-in-waiting… painting.


For over 25 years Chuck has taken students and new painters to Europe to teach them painting.  Some of those “summer alumni” are now successful exhibiting professional painters including Tucson's own Diana Madaras.

Chuck's work can be seen on the web at

Jeff Landers

Filmmaker / Digital Designer 

Jeff Alps2.jpg

Jeff brings his unique skills as the Chief Everything Officer for JL Images to the project as documenting and guiding the digital media marketing for the Shrine. 


Jeff also created the website and designed the logo for the foundation.  


Jeff Landers founded his business JL Images in 1993 producing video, film and multi-media projects for companies across the US and in Europe. 


Jeff has produced and directed video and film projects, live broadcast television, commercial photography and marketing/ digital design consulting  for clients around the world.

Jeff's work can be seen on the web at 



Brian Donahue
Theophany Sculptor


Brian Donahue is an American artist & Blacksmith best known for his allegorical sculpture with a spiritual perspective. 

He is a third generation craftsman. He learned the fundamentals of art from his father, a professional Artist. Brian’s interest in metal work came from his grandfather, a master tinsmith with the Union Pacific Railroad. Brian’s distant ancestors were blacksmiths during the formative years of the country.

Brian received his formal education from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. Following graduation, he worked in art related professions for a number of years before devoting all his time to his sculpture in 1995.

After receiving a commission to create a sculpture of Mother Teresa for a columbarium, Brian began an independent study program in Liturgical Art & Architecture, leaning the in-depth nuances of the genre semiotics and the importance of symbolism, strengthening his Catholic up-bringing.  He has since created liturgical art, liturgical furnishings and related architectural elements for churches around the country. The diversity of that work led him to learn blacksmith techniques where the majority of his work now is forge bronze and steel, along with his bronze sculpture..

Brian’s work uses the familiar to explore the spiritual. His work relies heavily on symbolism and items of nature to explore an ethereal world. He searches for the peaceful side of his subjects.

Father Peter Pearson

The Iconographer

For over thirty years, Peter Pearson has been a student of iconography. Self taught for nearly fifteen years, in 1984 he studied under Russian iconographer Dr. Nina Bouroff in Bethesda, Maryland. After moving to Pennsylvania in 1991, Peter worked and studied with Philip Zimmerman at the Saint John of Damascus Academy of Sacred Arts, an Orthodox school of icon painting in Ligonier, Pennsylvania where he assisted in several projects and classes. In 1994, he studied with Nicholas Papas in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and in 1997 he attended the Iconography Institute at Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon, where he studied with Charles Rohrbacher of Juneau, Alaska.  ©2006 Western Pennsylvania Craftsmen's Guild.

Father Peter's work can be see on the web at

Father Peter's work on Facebook.

Andrew Gould
The Choros Artist

Andrew Gould in Novgorod (003).jpg

Founder of New World Byzantine Studios, Andrew Gould is well known as a designer 
of traditional Orthodox churches.


He has degrees in art history and architecture and is skilled in many arts. In addition to producing designs for our liturgical art, Andrew personally crafts the fine woodwork in many of our products.

Andrew's work can be seen on the web at

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