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March18th 2023
8:00-10:00 a.m.



1. Call to Order
2. MORNING PRAYER in the Social Hall

3. Raffle Updates: BRING YOUR SOLD TICKET STUBS AND MONEY to this meeting

4. Introduction to today's agenda: 

We have three goals for the 17715 Council that we developed early on based on the needs of the Knights and our pastor:

i.    Forming individual Knights of the parish into intentional disciples,

5 Thresholds PDF (Handout)
ii.    Forming the Knights into a group that supports and enhances each man’s current or future apostolates, e.g., a patriarch of their family and being an ‘icon’ in their community and workplace. 

FORMED APP (handout)

iii.    Using opportunities in the parish and shrine as ‘learning arenas’ to enhance apostolates.

Assignment ( REFER TO #7 on agenda below)  

(hand out cards)

5.    Introduction to the FORMED app

a.    Access

i.    Logon

b.    Contents

i.    Home; Lent; Programs; Movies; Audio; Books; Family; Espanol; Help


iii.    Our Assignment

6.    Practice with FORMED app

a.    I Do (WATCH) 

b.    We Both Do (PRACTICE)

c.    You Do (PAIR & SHARE)

7.    Assignment for Sunday Liturgies and Pre-Sanctified Liturgies during the Great Fast


8.    RETURN TO SOCIAL HALL: Into the Breech (formation)

a.    Preparing for Pascha by looking ahead to the Road to Emmaeus


9.    Summary, Prayer Intentions, Upcoming Events

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